Giant Ribbon
Custom Ribbons made to any size.  Many colors.
Ribbon Cuttings, "Gift Wrap Cars to Castles"

Gift Wrap Cars to Castles with Giant Bows & Giant Ribbons
Grand Openings, Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies, Holiday Decor, Special Events, Prototypes
2-Loop Bows
Awareness Ribbons
8' tall Giant Awareness Ribbon
6' wide Self Standing Bow (#602ss)
4-Loop Lavender Bow 5' wide (#504)
6- Loop Bow (#606)
10 Loop Bow 10' wide (#1010)
Available in 5-Loop thru 16-Loop Styles
6' wide Bow-Tie (#602)
Self Standing Bow
4-Loop Bows
10-Loop Bows
6-Loop Bows
Multi 16-Loop Bows
3' wide to 8' wide
2' tall to 8' tall
2' wide to 24' wide
2' w to 24' wide
2' wide to 24' wide
4' w to 24' wide
4' - 8' wide
Washington National's New Stadium    6'w Giant Bow
Gift Wrapped House 8' wide Giant Bow
Gift Wrapped Restaurant
Car Bow 2.5' wide
40' long x 24" wide
200' long x 24" wide
150'L x 24"w     8'w Bow
160' L x 5' w
100' L x 36" w
30' L x 10" w
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony    4' wide Giant Bow
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Dedication Ceremony
Gift-Wrapped House
Gift Wrap Buildings
Holiday Gift Wrap
Bow # 254
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Gift Wrapped Castle 10'w Bow  160'L x 5'w Ribbon
Blue Ribbon School Award 14' tall x 7' wide
National Blue
Ribbon School Award
Custom Bows
BMW X3  Gift Wrapped for Valentine's Day
39'L x 12" w
Bow #404
Giant Bows
Custom Giant Display Bows
2' wide to 24' wide
16 Loop Bow  4' dia.