Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Grand Opening Ceremony, Gift Wrapped Building, Yellow Ribbon Bow, Giant Awareness Ribbon.....
6' wide Self Standing Bow (#602ss) with seated model.  Knot platform supports up to 75 lbs.
Self Standing Giant Bows 3' - 6' wide (#302ss, #402ss, #602ss)
12' wide Giant Bow (#1204) on 24' dia. Giant Wreath
6' wide Bow (#602) Au Bon Pain
Giant American Flag Patriotic Bow
6' wide Bow (#604)  & Giant Ribbon
Giant Designer Wreath with Giant Bow
10' wide Big yellow Bow (#1010) on Municipal Band Shell
8' dia. Bow (#816)  Installation Tanger Outlets
4-Loop Lavendar Bows
4' wide Giant Bow (#406) on 12' dia. Wreath
Enormous Shiny Gold Metallic Bow
Huge Shiny Silver Metallic Bow
6' wide Giant Bow (#610) on 12' wide Wreath
Giant Bows on Wreaths  Basilica of the National Shrine Washington, DC
Tie a big yellow ribbon around building
Tie a Giant Yellow Ribbon Bow
King Size Red Bow
22' wide Bow (#2202) installation Samsung Austin, TX
2.5' wide Car Bow #254
3' wide Self Standing Bow (#302ss) on car
Giant Pink Awareness Ribbon 8' tall #801
Welcome Home Troops Flag Bow #404
Gift Wrapped Housing
8' wide Bow 135' Giant Ribbon
6'w Bow #610 on 12' Wreath
12'w Bow on 24'w Wreath
22' wide Bow being installed
4' wide Bow on 12' Wreath
5' wide Bow designer Wreath
2.5'w Car Bow 10"w Ribbon
2.5'w Lavendar Bows
Giant Yellow Ribbon Bow
10'w Yellow Bow City Hall
Basilica of the National Shrine
6'w Metallic Gold Bow
10'w Yellow Ribbon Bow
6'w Bow Turquoise
Self Standing Display Bows
Self Standing Display Bow
Flag Bow 4' wide
3' wide self standing Bow
6' wide Bow installation
Silver Metallic Bow
Giant 8' Awareness Ribbon
Patriotic Bow
Gift Wrapped New Building
8'w Bow  135'L Ribbon
16-Loop Style  8'w diameter
6' wide Canopy Bow
Patriotic Bow #604
Huge Patriotic Bow
6'w Patriotic Bow
6' wide Patriotic Bow
Big Red Bow
Wider 4-Loop Style
Choose from 5 - 16 Loops
5 Multiple Loops, Round Style
Multi Loop Gigantic Red Bow
16 Loops Round Style
Giant Gift Kiosk with Giant Ribbon & Bow
9'w Bow on Kiosk at NY Stock Exchange
8'w Giant Bow    5'w x 110'L Giant Ribbon
Giant Bow on 120' Airport Water Tower
Grand Opening Ceremony
6' wide Bow   #604
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Patriotic Bow Grand Re-Opening Ceremony Smithsonian
Giant Bows       Foot of Commerce Street       Norwalk, CT   06850  USA       Telephone  203 831-8616       Fax  203 831-8822
4-Loop Style  8'w x 12' tall  Mohegan Sun Casino
8'w Bow on 20' dia. Wreath
Mohegan Sun Casino
Blue Ribbon Award 14' tall x 7' dia.
Giant Blue Ribbon 7' dia. x 14' tall
US Dept of Education Blue Ribbon
School Award 2010
4' diameter 16-Loop Style
16-Loop Bow  4' diameter
6' dia. Bow NY Public Library
6' dia. Bow 16-Loops
501 Blue Ribbon Award Bow
Blue Ribbon School Award
5' dia. x 10' tall
501 Blue Ribbon School Award
Giant Blue Ribbon 5' dia. x 10' tall
US Dept of Education
Blue Ribbon School Award 2012
Giant Blue Ribbon 7' dia. x 14' tall
US Dept of Education Blue Ribbon
School Award 2010
Giant Blue Ribbon 7' dia. x 14' tall
US Dept of Education Blue Ribbon
School Award 2010
804 Red Gift Wrapped House
8' wide Bow  #804    24" wide Ribbon
#302   3' wide HELLMAN'S Bow
w/dove tails Capri Blue
3' wide Bows
Hellman's Celebrates 100 years
Hellman's Guiness Record: World's Longest
Picnic Table              3' wide Bows  -  #302
Giant Bow #1004:
10'w x 12 'tall
Giant Ribbon:
100 yds x 48" wide
Awareness Ribbon 12' tall
Metallic Gold Bow
6'w Gold Bow #604
18"w Gold Ribbon